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"Harpal Dharna and his associates have been my financial advisors for over 3 years, and thanks to Harpal's advice, my net worth has doubled in that time. Harpal is always available to discuss my financial situation and is patient and takes the time I need to explain financial matters, sometimes more than once!"     

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Tax Audit By CRA
(Canada Revenue Agency)

Have not filed past tax returns? Owe past taxes? We can save you penality and Interest costs - this can be thousands of dollars.

Did you get call from CRA or any other tax office?

Are you facing Tax Audit? No need to panic!

Many of our clients contact us immediately after CRA calls for audit and we manage the Tax audit for them.

It is always a smart decision to make Dharna & Associates your audit representative and take you away from stress of an audit session!! Many of our clients contact us immediately after CRA calls for an audit and we manage the entire CRA audit for them. It saves our clients a lot of time and helps them focus on their business.

How does the CRA select your file?

There are different ways of selecting your file for audit:

  • Most returns are selected for audit review from a computer that generates a list of returns with audit potential. From these lists, CRA chooses specific returns to be audited.
  • If there is a significant non compliance within a particular group of clients, CRA audits its members on a local, regional, or national basis.
  • CRA conducts an audit if they get information from other audits, investigations, or outside sources.
  • Sometimes CRA selects files for an audit because of their association with other previously selected files.

What is a Tax audit?

Auditing is a way for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to monitor and inspect income tax returns, GST/HST, payroll records etc. and to maintain public confidence in the fairness and integrity of Canada’s tax system. You have the right to schedule the CRA visit at a convenient time for you. It is your responsibility to maintain the prior years’ electronic data and the software necessary to access it.

How we can help?

Our expertise is to save you from CRA audits as we make sure all necessary documents are submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency. We understand what a challenging and time consuming task audit sessions are. It is our policy to do the work right and submit the right documents so our clients do not face any legal challenges or end up paying penalties and interest. Our clients trust us for our expertise and services.

What happens when you get a Tax Audit?

If you are selected, an auditor will review your records at a CRA office or at your business location. An auditor may want to discuss the general nature of your business, or tour the premises to get a better understanding of the transactions recorded in your books. After the audit, the auditor may prepare a summary of the proposed adjustments or propose certain adjustments to your return. Since we are your accountant and representative, we help you to communicate with CRA auditors.

Typical Tax Audit Issues:

  • Automobile expenses.
  • Automobile benefits.
  • Shareholder loans.
  • Meals & entertainment.
  • Employee or self employed contractor?
  • Related party transfer pricing.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Foreign reporting.
  • Interest expense.
  • Personal expenses.
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